Small but Mighty - KeyBoss to Your Peace of Mind.

Introducing KeyBoss, a cutting-edge keyholding solution in Yorkshire, North West, West Midlands, London, and surrounding areas, aligning with the rhythm of 21st-century technology to ensure the safe storage of your important keys. The device is seamlessly operated via an app, allowing a select list of authorised users to access your KeyBoss within these regions. Beyond routine access, one-time access codes can be generated for visitors or guests, ensuring the maximum level of security across these key areas. Every access to KeyBoss is fully traceable, bestowing upon you not just control but absolute peace of mind in your locality.

Secure Your Important Keys with KeyBoss

Security is not just a process — it’s about achieving peace of mind. With KeyBoss, our aim is to offer not just traceability and control but a real sense of confidence in the safety and integrity of your business. Whether you manage an office building or run a retail operation, our KeyBoss service is custom-designed for your needs. Rely on us for consistent and tailored services.

Why KeyBoss is Important?

With KeyBoss, it's always smooth sailing - ensuring maximal productivity and 24/7 access to your keys. A game-changer with a robust grip on security, it's about time you said hello to worry-free key management. Choose KeyBoss today, because your peace of mind matters.

Security Enhancement

KeyBoss Securely Safeguards Assets

Efficient Key Management

Streamline Processes with KeyBoss

24/7 Key Access

KeyBoss Offers Uninterrupted Availability


KeyBoss Ensures Transparent Responsibility


KeyBoss Boosts Productivity Levels

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