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Our rapid Alarm Response Service, operational in Yorkshire, North West, West Midlands, London, and surrounding areas, is not just a service. It's an unwavering commitment. Leveraging our robust network of experienced staff and 24/7 contact centre backed by advanced GPS technology, we promptly dispatch the closest unit to the incident location within these regions. We strive to mitigate risk and eliminate potential threats quickly and effectively. We cover national through our highly trained staff, who are only an app touch away and on standby to respond across these locations!

Maps | Termos
Maps | Termos

Sleep with peace of mind!

Termos offers you a rapid Alarm Response service that ensures your business stays protected 24/7. We leverage an established staff network and advanced GPS technology to dispatch the nearest team, mitigating risks and neutralising potential threats. Our mission? Safeguarding your livelihood against unwanted intruders without causing you unnecessary disruptions. Choose Termos today to upgrade your business security and experience the ultimate convenience of our cost-effective and hassle-free service.

How does the alarm response work?

Our process begins as soon as your appointed alarm monitoring station alerts us. We promptly contact designated emergency contacts to gather information and quickly dispatch the best-placed responder.

Alarm Activation

Alarm system detects unusual activities.


System sends alert to monitoring centre.

Incident Assessment

Monitoring centre assesses alert authenticity.

Report Completion

Comprehensive incident report is generated.

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We can’t speak highly enough of the alarm response service we received from Termos. Their quick and professional action was truly impressive. They were at the scene in no time, dealt with everything efficiently, and kept me in the loop from start to finish. 
~ business owners

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